Working a 8 to 5 office job is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Millennials want to be able to set their own schedule, work from home and find a financial vehicle that allows them to grow with their lifestyle.

Which is why many millennials are becoming high performance loan officer’s like the ones here at Blue Raven Group.

As a loan officers you are the boss of your time as your schedule is very flexible.
Think about the benefit of staying in bed an extra hour with your loved ones or family pet.
Instead of fighting to put your blinker on and turn on the heat while your stuck in traffic each day.

There are tough moments though….It can be hard to display confidence in front of new referral partner when you know back at the office you are going to have to put out fires for the rest of the day.

“Before I worked with Blue Raven Group, my biggest problem was support.  I work my pipeline to the cleanest loans, cleanest approvals, and yet my loans were taking 35-45 days to close.  If the loan has all documents, it should close rather quickly.  However, in larger corporate layout mortgage companies all loans seem to move at the same speed.  Processors and underwriters are inundated with sticky files, and basic questions.  My very clean pipeline was a regular victim of circumstance.” – Jonathan Casey (The Honest Mortgage Expert)

Jonathan Casey is one millenial that crushes it as an LO by helping customers get the loan they want as fast as possible.

 “Since I have joined Blue Raven Group, my pipeline has closed faster than ever.  My clean loans are now being boosted on a fast track to close ASAP.  My average closing time dropped from 40 days to 25 days.  Their processing, underwriting, and support team are phenomenal.  Every time we close a loan, we have meetings to figure out how to do the next one better, faster.  I have closed multiple loans in under 20 days.”

Imagine waking up when you want.
Grabbing a cup of coffee and doing your “success" morning routine.
Then diving into engaging work that is not only fun and challenging but you also have the support you need to run the mortgage branch you want and help people in your community get the home loan they deserve.

It gives that deep feeling of fulfillment and confidence at the end of the day. As you shut off the computer and get ready to go out for dinner and you know, you are in control of your business, your time and your life.

Maybe you’ll plan a vacation before your first call tomorrow morning 😉

What’s your favorite lifestyle perk of being a millennial LO? Comment below.